Our passion lies in premium real estate to be found in the very best areas of Munich and around the city’s nearby lakes. We have extensive expertise in this segment. Hence, the price of real estate brokered through our firm starts at EUR 5 million.

Selecting the best properties on the market for our customers is nothing short of a serious passion. This means unique homes that leave nothing to be desired in terms of style and location. With such a focus, we have the necessary freedom to devote ourselves entirely to delivering the best possible brokerage service for your desired property, especially when real estate in this price range and of such quality will always be unique.

To us, discretion is a matter of honour and an indispensable foundation for business – a philosophy that is appreciated by our client base, which includes board members, entrepreneurs, wealthy individuals, and celebrities from the world of television and sports.

Utmost sensitivity and experience are the cornerstones of our preliminary work. Interested parties and the property to be sold are afforded absolute discretion, confidentiality and expert support, with all key factors checked and evaluated well in advance.

Given that each of our properties is special, advertising professionals create exclusive marketing tools aimed specifically at the target group only. Your privacy is respected and safeguarded at all times.

Our philosophy can be summarised as follows: “Concentrate on your strengths.” Christian Ehbauer has proven this repeatedly in numerous projects. Only exclusive, high-end properties worth EUR 5 million upwards fit perfectly into our portfolio and meet the expectations of our clients.

Christian Ehbauer knows his way around this market segment extremely well. Devoting personal attention to a property and leaving sufficient time for a property’s finesse to be truly appreciated are top of his agenda. Each property and each individual client receives the direct and undivided attention of Christian Ehbauer.

The quality of the properties and the ideal outcome for his clients are the only decisive details that define Ehbauer’s approach.


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