»As a strong partner capable of delivering the necessary impulse, we develop strategies that accentuate the radiance of real estate in all its glory – revealing the essence of every property, a beauty that demands both recognition and appreciation.«

Christian Ehbauer

is Munich’s leading real estate broker in the super-prime segment. His name is synonymous with luxury real estate in a class of its own. Superlatives hardly do justice to the properties with which he is entrusted. His client base ranges from entrepreneurs and politicians through to artists and patrons of the arts, Arab sheikhs and Russian oligarchs – Christian Ehbauer understands the many facets of the super-rich, their expectations and their desires. But that’s not all: with whomever he is dealing, he will always establish perfect rapport.

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Our passion lies in premium real estate to be found in the very best areas of Munich and around the city’s nearby lakes. We have extensive expertise in this segment. Hence, the price of real estate brokered through our firm starts at EUR 5 million.

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Finest references

Christian Ehbauer has proven his ability to regularly achieve the very best prices for his clients.
Trust the leader in the field of super-prime real estate

 Here you will find a selection of successfully sold properties


Inning on Lake Ammersee

Architecture Icon – Bauhaus Villa with stunning Lake View.


Super Prime Penthouse – in best Location Munich, Menterschwaige.

Munich – City Center Location

New York City Style
– Loft apartment – Living and working the modern way in one of the coolest cities

Munich Tucherpark

Luxury Domicile between Eisbach and English Garden.


Fantastic luxury-hideaway in the south of Munich


Superlative Designer Bauhaus Villa


Super Prime – magnificent property in best location in Berlin – Grunewald


Breathtaking City Palais close to Siegestor


Super Prime Penthouse with “rooftop pool“ in terrific city location


Rarity – Impressive park property in an idyllic and fantastic location directly at the Königsforst.

Lake Starnberg

Park property in Berg with beautiful lake views, including unique boathouse


Exceptional luxury – A villa in a class of its own


Masterpiece – Award-winning city palace in the very best location in Munich’s Altbogenhausen

Chiemgau, Aschau

Award-winning historic forester’s lodge at the foot of the Kampenwand

Starnberger See

Award-winning “Bauhaus” villa


“The Grand Mountain Residence” – a property of superlatives


Luxury domicile with a “Kaiser” mountain view


Super-prime apartment with breathtaking views in perfect city location

Munich, Grünwald

The location – Robert-Koch-Strasse


Hideaway in the Herzog Park

Lake Starnberg

Rarity – High-end villa with direct lake access, dock and boathouse

Lake Starnberg

Stunning property on park grounds with spectacular lake and mountain views in Starnberg

Lake Starnberg

Villa in stunning location with direct lake acces

Lake Starnberg

Dream property with breathtaking lake and mountain views


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winning Company »Best Property Agent«


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